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Thursday, October 20, 2005 

Chapter 1

The sound of silence scrapes in, clawing itself banging the eardrums from within, telling me that its time to contemplate the next rancid, if not bittersweet event that is to unfold in a couple of weeks. I had seen to many deceptions, heard too many lies. I do not think I can consume the next ultra-negative wave rippling its way across the world making its presence heard, and felt in one common channel, over cable. These past few years had been difficult for everyone I know. It seems like the art of living, of loving has ebbed its way against the shores of commercialism, and people did not seem to care anymore.

Money had always been a god, and idolatry seemed to be à la mode.

“Don’t you love him any longer?” I asked Anja. She shook her head. They had been together for almost six years, seven days weekly almost ten hours daily. It is like seeing a married couple going through a separation bent on the polarities of egos clotting onto soft cement. I cannot seem to fathom why Anja decided not to leave for Europe with Dam. He is a kind man. Compassionate and wealthy enough to spend his hard-earned cash to buy her goodies to no end for almost five years. He even cared for the stray litter she had brought home. He had even uttered that he would give his life for her to be contented. What a fool, I thought. Now, I no longer wonder why love seem drenched through the hearts of those who profess loving when in the beginning of a friendship, one should know, or is able to perceive the hint of separation by the tone of the voices, and the exchange of glances.

Not every promise needs to materialise in heaven. One can hope, but reality is often blunt.

The October winds are dry and callous. It would have been a change to experience autumn after sixteen years of squatting, and trying to survive in Malaysia. With the hellish humid heat, only the crazy foreigners can afford to live here. It is too humid and hard for one who has embraced the kiss of heaven, a state of mind the French would undoubtedly agree as a savoir-vivre of sorts even when one has to tighten the belt eating nothing but soupe à l’oignon, even in summer. The state of evolution and migration of intellectual experience is non-existent in Kuala Lumpur. Yes, you can find urban Malaysians who are equally reserved, and intellectual. Most, if not all have migrated either to Australia, the United Kingdom, or elsewhere across the Garden, of Eden.

One has to be subconsciously unconscious to be able to live here. As thoughts can become things, you would not really want to share a piece of your happiness with the dead. That would be like offering water to a quenched throat. You can also pretend to like contemporary art, music or even fashion designed and composed by the locals who have hardly lived a vacant life of penury. By embracing the art, and spending a few hundred Ringgit to assume the bearing of a well-bred personality; or wearing masks as hip bourgeois’ learning to sip sparkling wine, because you cannot really afford Champagne, or dislike the idea of getting caught by the local authorities by being a careless Muslim is not really an option.

Whilst plastics are non-biodegradable, the locals are translucent. You can spot a fake a mile away.


Life Etcetera - XI - II

I need to find a paying job. I am willing to relocate anywhere, even go to Afghanistan if need be, in order to support the Foundation. The current server hosting has expired for almost a week, and I'm now grounded with nothing.

Life is beautiful yes. It can be roses strewn all over if I can only find support for ... the many crazy things I need to do. Afterall, we live in this world for such a "short" time, we need to do something worthwhile for humanity.

I'm applying for social work. It doesn't pay much but it'll help. Until I get something perhaps better, an investor or someone who'd like to work together in bringing the Foundation to reality, I'd focus on that trip to the UK.

Oh... I'm looking for a producer too. For a book to turn into a film. Anyone interested? You know someone who might? You know you'll get a cut somewhere ;-)

Follow suite... with Chapter 1 for the mo'.

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